Heather Stephens love for design and decorating began at a very young when she would constantly change her childhood bedroom color, theme and rearranging furniture. It wasn’t until many years later she realized this is what she wanted to do, because this was what she loved to do the most. Heather is an eighth generation Floridian. Her love for her close family and small-town life in North Central Florida kept her right where she grew up. Her passion is turning houses into homes, and with our ever-changing and evolving industry,she is always inspired by the small towns of Central Florida, and the peaceful place she calls home.

Heather has been an interior designer with Quality Designworks, a build design firm located in Alachua Florida, for seven years now, and lead designer for three years. Heather is also an AKBD certified designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Heather understands the design process from concept to completion, and her focus on interior design and decorating allows her to create spaces that are not only beautiful, but functional and livable as well. To decorate a space that is only beautiful, and not functional or comfortable, is doing our client a disservice. Heather is both an interior designer and decorator, and prides herself on truly reflecting the style and tastes of her clients. Interior design should not be compartmentalized. It spills into all areas of life, which is why we decided to not only focus on the structural design of spaces, but also the aesthetic side as well. We want to be a part of every decision a client makes while building the home of their dreams, down to the final finishes, colors, textures and furniture arrangement.

At Heather Stephens Interiors our mission is to help clients discover their style and create a space they can evolve into and fall in love with. Whether our clients have a strong vision or not, Heather Stephens Interiors will help you achieve it and give it life. Every detail of the project is tailored to our client to make it uniquely yours. We stay on top of trends and apply them to each aspect of the design in a timeless way. We will guide you through the design and decorating process and help you formulate your own aesthetic style as we go. We specialize in furniture arrangement and layout, finish and texture selections, color palettes for interior and exteriors, home décor selection, artwork and window treatments. We will also take it a step further than just aesthetics, we also offer full service interior design.

“Design is my greatest passion and watching it spill into all areas of life brings me so much joy. Let me help you create a more beautiful space that you will never want to leave. “     –Heather Stephens


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